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Healing Support

Image by Daiga Ellaby

Did you know that almost one in two people suffer from significant mental health issues after a serious health diagnosis and treatment?

Dealing with worrying thoughts and emotions can be overwhelming; you can lose your confidence and feel at a loss to know what is next.

These classes will give you a safe place to land, pause and reflect. They combine the modern-day understanding of the Gawler Cancer Foundation and the ancient philosophy of Yoga.  

Yoga for Healing Support

Learn evidence-based lifestyle interventions to be well and feel supported on your healing journey.

Gentle Yoga postures, breath awareness and relaxation are woven together with wellbeing themes each week. 

Nurturing, healing and informative, these classes will give you tools to support the healing process, create calmness and peace of mind. 

Active Senior Couple

"A relaxing, worthwhile course for those interested in well-being after cancer."  Margaret

Cancer Support & Meditation Group

Origami Crane in palm of hand

Are you interested in joining a Cancer Support Group that includes meditation and shares evidence-based lifestyle practices?

An important part of Melissa's recovery was attending a weekly support group at the Brisbane Relaxation Centre that did just that.

"The relief I felt to be with others who shared the same experience was palpable!" 

Please register your interest below.

1:1 Consultation

Find the support you need for your healing journey

Melissa is available for private sessions either in person or via zoom to help you use lifestyle interventions - including diet, exercise, meditation & gentle yoga - to support your healing and recovery. 

Smiling Melissa Sangita outside in garden
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