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Why Mountain Mindfulness?

The mountain is like a metaphor for the inner life.

When you are connected to your centre, your stillness, through mindfulness practice, you become grounded and solid like a mountain.

No matter what the weather is like on the mountain, you stay centred and respond wisely to whatever is going on - the storm, the sunshine, the grey days, the mist - because you know in your heart that this too will pass.

Mount Wellington Kunanyi with Yantra watermark
Melissa Sangita meditating in forest

Melissa's background is in education as a music teacher, and although no longer in schools, she still loves to play and teach music.

After a stage 4 cancer diagnosis and treatment in 2013, Melissa's life changed dramatically. The long and winding road to recovery eventually led to the life-changing experience of living in a Yoga ashram and studying 'Lifestyle Medicine' at the Gawler Cancer Foundation in Victoria. 

It was during this time that she was given the name Sangita which is a Sanskrit word meaning 'coming together with music', and came to understand the enormous part the mind plays in healing and also in determining the quality of one’s whole life.

What she loves to do now is share the techniques and themes of yoga and mindfulness to enhance wellbeing and create a meaningful life. "With these practices I changed the soundtrack of my own life for the better.  I wish nothing but the same for you."

"There is no peace in the mountains, no noise in the cities, all is within you." Sw Sivananda


Melissa Sangita smiling
Melissa Howden/Sangita 
Yoga, Meditation and Music Teacher

  • Member of Yoga Australia  

  • Mindfulness Teacher Training, The Gawler Foundation, Vic  

  • Dip. Satyananda Yoga Teaching, Mangrove Yoga Ashram, NSW 

  • Dip. Remedial Massage, Morley College, London

  • Dip. Natural Nutrition, College of Natural Nutrition, London

  • B.A., Dip. Ed, University of Tasmania

Yarra Valley Living Centre Training Completion Sticker
Mindfulness works logo
Yoga Australia Certificate Level 1
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