01/ Beginners Mindfulness

Live consciously and reduce stress

Learning to become more mindful in life brings us into the present moment and is a wonderful antidote to the tendency to want to 'catastrophize' future events.  As we tune in to the stillness within, we become more aligned with our essential nature. Life begins to flow more easily. As Ram Das says: "the quieter you become, the more you hear."


This course in Mindfulness Based Still Meditation (MBSM)  will give you a great foundation for your meditation practice.

Topics include:

  • the impact of stress on the body and mind

  • the importance of relaxation 

  • the nature of thinking

  • how to manage the mind

  • emotional health

  • integrating mindfulness practice in everyday life


What to expect:

Each class begins with a welcome and relaxation practice. The topic is then introduced, followed by a longer meditation. We finish with discussion, sharing and questions.  The sessions are interactive and sharing is encouraged because it helps the whole group.  Home practice is supported by handouts and audios.

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02/ Continuing Mindfulness

Re-connect with what makes your heart sing

For those with some experience.  Continue to consolidate your meditation practice and widen the application of meditation techniques to include the pathways of Imagery and Contemplation. Develop greater self-awareness, cultivate inner peace, improve your health and achieve your goals. Classes include some yoga asana to create flexibility and strength in the lower body and core for maintaining and improving the meditation posture. Enjoy the ongoing support of a clear structure and positive group.


This course draws on and deepens themes from the following:


1/ Stillness: Continue to deepen your experience of stillness in meditation - stillness of body, breath & mind. This remains the foundation practice.  In the quietness, learn to listen to the quiet voice within.


2/ Imagery: The meditation pathway of imagery will give you specific skills and guided meditations to consciously create a new reality. Learn how to harness the power of mind.

3/ Contemplation: The meditation pathway of contemplation leads to insight, clarity, understanding and creativity.  Contemplation connects you with your inner knowing and intuition.  It helps you get to the heart of the matter and this results in clear, confident thinking.  Subject matter for contemplation is broad and can include spiritual texts, ideas, one's own personal questions, as well as the key practices of Loving Kindness, Forgiveness and Gratitude.

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03/ Mindfulness & Health

Support your health and wellbeing with mindfulness meditation

The World Health Organisation defines health as being wellbeing at the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social levels. It’s a great definition because it acknowledges that our health is much more than just being physically well. Mindfulness meditation supports our health on all these levels through the activation of the relaxation response.


Physically we experience release of tension, improved digestion, immunity and sleep.

Mentally we let go of anxiety and fear. 

Emotionally we develop acceptance and find ways to appropriately express ourselves.

Spiritually we connect with purpose and meaning.

Socially we engage more fully in our relationships and community.

In these classes we explore all of these aspects combining traditional practice with mindfulness research, brain science and modern psychology. Sessions are a mixture of meditation practice, discussion & sharing. They are suitable for all levels of experience.

Tuesdays 6 – 7 pm The Pat Murnane Memorial Hall, Lenah Valley

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04/ Mindful Walking

Peace is Every Step

How wonderful to practice mindfulness while walking!

At the Nan Tien Buddhist temple in NSW, the monks and nuns go outside at exactly the same time every day to walk and then do their exercises in the courtyard. It doesn't matter if it is hot or cold, wet or dry, still or windy, this is the practice; to be reminded of how every day is different (everything changes), and to explore their relationship with the natural environment (of which we are all a part).  Jay Shetty in "Think Like a Monk" describes how in his time at the ashram they too would walk at the same time every day, and on the same path every day.  Their challenge was to notice something new on each and every walk!

Mindful walking is part of many spiritual traditions, and of course walking is good for you!!!

Mindful walking is done at a moderate to slow pace, and the walking tracks chosen are relatively flat and even underfoot. Each session begins with a short introduction to mindfulness, and then the group walks in silence. A profound and gentle experience, a chance to connect with the beauty of nature.


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05/ Mindfulness & Music

Change the Soundtrack of Your Life

Understanding the nature of the mind and learning techniques to manage it, improves our health both physically and mentally, and helps us to connect more deeply with ourselves and others.  In these classes you will learn how to interrupt unhelpful thought patterns through the use of mantra, song & relaxation. Singing and chanting together opens the heart for healing, self-care & inspiration.  

Enjoy the deep relaxation of yoga nidra, vocal toning, mantra chanting, kirtan & songs of peace.

Immerse yourself in ancient Vedic mantras, medicine songs, and beautiful music from a variety of wisdom traditions from around the world. No musical experience needed. 

If you like to sing these classes are for you!  

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What people say

“I’ve never thought of myself as a successful person, you know, I’m single and in my 50s and I don’t have a partner. I also don’t own my house, I only rent, and my car’s not great. So I’ve never felt very successful. But during these last weeks I’ve come to appreciate that I have two beautiful daughters who I have a really good relationship with and who are really good people. When I’m lying in bed at night I have one cat on my right hip and one cat on my left hip who are purring. I love my cats. And instead of worrying about where I’m going to be in ten years time, I’m just focusing my attention on today and not worrying too much about the future. 

I feel content.” 

Donna – participant 8 week MBSM program