01/ Yoga & Song

Stretch, breathe, sing!

Join Sangita as she weaves together three of her favourite things - yoga and singing followed by chai down at the local cafe. Each class includes relaxation, postures and breathing techniques to support, strengthen and open the voice. And then on with the singing!


The repertoire includes mantra, kirtan and songs of peace from the world's different cultures & wisdom traditions, as well as popular songs. Have fun and learn to sing together in unison, parts and rounds. Leave feeling uplifted, positive & relaxed.

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02/ Magic Music and the Belleplates

Many hands, one sound. Prepare to be spell bound.

The belleplates are light, triangular-shaped percussive instruments much like a hand bell and there are 22 of them covering a three-octave range. Each person is responsible for just one or two belleplates, however, the whole group working together creates a symphony of sound.  The magic of the belleplates is that they enable people to create spellbindingly beautiful music together, just like that!  


Sangita uses these instruments in workshops to create rich and engaging experiences.

Participants use their bodies and non-verbal senses to communicate with each other and engage with the music in different ways. The use of body percussion and rhythm activities keep the brain keenly engaged as each person finds their own patterns within the music. Emotional perception is required to be able to play in a way that is appropriate in the moment, and allows each one to be aware of the greater whole.


The learning is layered from simple to complex, allowing people to gain a sense of competence, and challenge themselves. The sessions are entertaining with lots of room for laughter and fun, and appeal to all ages.


They have also proven to add value to team building and leadership workshops in a corporate environment.

Contact Us to discuss how an individually tailored session could improve your team's performance. 

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03/ Kirtan Workshop

Develop specific instrumental and ensemble skills for kirtan

Have you ever wanted to learn more about kirtan? Or try playing the harmonium? Perhaps you already play an instrument and would like to join in with others? These monthly workshops will help you discover your inner musical yogi! Suitable for all levels of experience. Learn new skills and develop your innate musicality. Take home new kirtans, words and music. All instruments welcome.

Sangita is also available for one on one sessions, including via Zoom. Contact Us directly to book your session. 


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What people say

"Sangita is the music teacher you wished you had at school."

Ananta, Mangrove Yoga