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Yoga (Beginning)

Yoga: Hatha Yoga Classes

This class is suitable for beginners of every age, people managing ongoing health issues, and those who like simplicity of practice.

Classes include joint rotations, spinal stretching, gentle strengthening as well as balance improvement.

Practice yogic breathing techniques for optimum wellbeing and finish class with yoga nidra relaxation.​

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Yoga (Continuing)

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This class assumes some prior experience of yoga and includes a sprinkling of yogic philosophy and themes.

Each class includes asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) & yoga nidra (guided relaxation).

Deepen your practice and fan the flame of yoga in your life!

Yoga for Healing Support

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Based on the 7 Essential Elements as taught by the Gawler Cancer Foundation, learn evidenced-based lifestyle interventions to be well. 

Regardless of your health condition, these classes will give you practical tips for managing both your physical and mental health; lower your blood pressure, manage pain, sleep better and more.  

"Developing awareness is the most important aspect of all yoga practices. In asana practice we aim to increase awareness firstly of the body, then the mind & finally the flow of prana."  Swami Satyananda

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