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Yoga nidra is one of the favourite yoga practices amongst students, and shares similarities with the body scan in Mindfulness. It is a guided relaxation practice that results in both surface and deep tensions being released from the body and mind. In this state of deep relaxation the systems of the body come back to balance. Immune function is enhanced. Digestion is improved. There is calmness of mind and harmony of emotions.


There is also the chance to make a sankalpa, a positive resolve for your life. As the mind floats on the borderline of sleep, it is highly receptive, and by repeating the sankalpa at this time you strengthen new pathways in the mind. This is a way of creating positive change in your life and achieving your goals.


SWAN is a yoga technique of self-inquiry. It stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Aims and Needs. SWAN is like a road map that helps us navigate our way through life. Understanding our strengths, weakness, aims and needs is a powerful way to begin. And as always, we need to begin where we are!

Yoga Nidra SWAN

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