September Newsletter

Dear All, Welcome to Spring!

What a wonderful time to re-dedicate ourselves to our health and wellbeing.

According to the Gawler Cancer Foundation there are seven essential elements of health and I thought I'd share them with you here. They are evidence-based and things that we can do for ourselves that can make an enormous difference to our quality of life. Personally I aim to keep my eye on all of them and it's one of the reasons I make meditation a priority and became a Mindfulness Teacher with the Gawler Foundation. Having a regular meditation practice pretty much takes care of the first four elements on this list!

Regular meditation Positive thinking Emotional healing Quest for meaning Moderate exercise Effective support Good nutrition

New term at South Hobart begins on Monday. It's not too late to enrol in Yoga or Mindfulness classes.

What’s on in September

Yoga Classes, South Hobart Mon & Thurs 5.45–7.30pm Ongoing

Gentle Yoga, South Hobart Thursday 10.30 - 12.00pm Ongoing Mindfulness Classes, Sth Hobart Mon & Thurs 7.30–9.00 pm Ongoing Yoga Day Retreat, Murdunna Sat 4 Sept 10–4.00 pm Fully booked

Kirtan Workshop, South Hobart Sat 11 Sept 5–6.30 pm For all abilities Mindful Walking Fri 17 Sept 4.30–5.30 pm New Town Rivulet Yoga & Song, South Hobart Sat 18 Sept 9.30–11.00 am Chai ~ Foodstore Yoga Day Retreat, Murdunna Sun 3 Oct 10-4.00pm Yoga Relax

Day Retreat ~ Surya Namaskara

It was a wild & windy day for the advanced Surya Namaskara Retreat; but we were cosy and warm inside and still managed an afternoon walk between showers.

What could Mindfulness do for me?

Research suggests that we have around 60,000 thoughts per day, of which 98% are the same as the day before, and 80 per cent are of a negative nature. Science shows that thoughts produce chemical changes in our bodies either promoting health and relaxation or creating stress and excessive thinking. Understanding the nature of thinking is vital to both our mental and physical health.

What participants say:

"Practical advice and easy to follow guidance. Got way more out of it than I thought I would. It just makes sense." Kimberley

"My panic attacks aren't as severe. More mindful in every day, more present, calm & clear." Danielle

"I learnt that I can stop and just 'be' for a short period and it's okay to do that." Sarah

"The whole program was very useful. I really looked forward to attending the classes. It was such a positive experience each Monday night for 8 weeks." Andrea

"Unexpectedly I learned to cope with conflict and difficult situations; and I became a better listener." Jane

"I didn't expect to learn to be more kind to myself. There has definitely been a shift in my awareness." Rob

Book Now for the next 8 week term of Mindfulness

Beginner Mindfulness begins Mon 30 August. Continuing Mindfulness begins Thurs 3 Sept.

Yoga & Song

What a great session and crew we had in August. We worked with three songs from the Native American tradition, and I must say we sounded pretty good! So much fun, so much depth, so much connection. Next session Saturday 18 September. Still room for a couple more so if you haven't been before, please join us. My dream is to have a whole choir singing these songs. It's such an uplifting and joyous experience to sing together like this. No experience needed.

Yoga Relax Day Retreat ~ Sunday 3 October

Upcoming day retreat ~ find out all about it here:

Hoping our paths cross again soon.

With warm wishes

Melissa - Sangita

There's no peace in the mountains There's no noise in the cities All is within you Sw Satyananda

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