General Wellbeing

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01/ Foundation in Mindfulness

Live consciously and reduce stress

Learning to become more mindful in life brings us into the present moment and is a potent antidote to our tendency to want to 'catastrophize' future events. Becoming attuned to the stillness within, we become more aligned with our essential nature. Life begins to flow more easily.


This course in Mindfulness Based Still Meditation (MBSM) will give you a great foundation for your meditation practice.

Topics include:

  • the impact of stress on the body and mind

  • the importance of relaxation 

  • the nature of thinking

  • how to manage the mind

  • emotional health

  • integrating mindfulness practice in everyday life


What to expect:

Each class begins with a short relaxation. Next, the theme of the session is introduced and discussed.  We then move into a longer meditation practice, finishing with discussion and questions.  The sessions are interactive and sharing is encouraged because it helps the whole group.  Home practice is supported by handouts and audios of all the meditations.

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02/ Deepening Mindfulness

Re-connect with what makes your heart sing

For those who have completed Foundation Mindfulness; continue to consolidate your meditation practice and widen the application of meditation techniques to include the pathways of Imagery and Contemplation. Develop greater self-awareness, cultivate inner peace, improve your health and achieve your goals. And enjoy the ongoing support of a clear structure and positive group.


This course focuses on three aspects:


1/ Stillness: Continue to deepen your experience of stillness in meditation, stillness of body, breath & mind. This remains the foundation practice.


2/ Imagery: The meditation pathway of Imagery will deepen your meditation practice, and give you specific skills and guided meditations to create the future you would like to step into.


  • goal setting, affirmations & visualizations

  • cultivation of inner peace

  • a look at the mechanics of mind-body medicine

  • brain science & neuroplasticity

  • choosing the 'right' imagery

  • the subject of healing & pain

  • an exploration of deeper connection


Mental rehearsal & the use of imagery and affirmations have become mainstream.  Have you ever noticed elite athletes meditating before a big race?  In fact, in any performance related field you can think of - academic, sporting, musical, corporate - the use of imagery can be used to enhance results.  Imagery can also be applied to the cultivation of inner peace, to accelerate healing and help manage pain.  


3/ Contemplation: The meditation pathway of contemplation leads to insight, clarity, understanding and creativity.  Contemplation helps us to connect with our intuition and inner knowing, and allows us to get to the root of things.  It leads to clear thinking that in turn informs and clarifies our goals.  More deeply understanding ourselves leads to greater self-confidence.  


  • The two aspects of mind

  • What motivates decision making

  • Intellect v intuition

  • The process of contemplation

  • Outcomes of contemplation: clarity, understanding, creativity & insight

  • Compassion, gratitude, loving kindness


Topics for contemplation include ideas, spiritual texts, and our own experiences. The classic question of “Who am I?” is explored; and also contemplative meditations on gratitude, forgiveness and the central Buddhist practice of loving kindness. 

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03/ Mindful Walking

Peace is Every Step

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